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Topic subjectSounds like him.
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13451691, Sounds like him.
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Jan-13-22 11:39 AM
>we have an established workflow that clearly state he is
>responsible for certain things. this workflow is not being
>followed anymore and there was never any communication on what
>was to be done instead.
>seems like he just decided to back off and see who would take
>on his tasks. in some cases cool, he was really just a
>middleman anyway. in other cases um what. you got two
>different departments both just waiting for direction or
>blaming each other for not taking on it.
>is this an actual strategy that is done on purpose?

Probably not even a strategy. Just, you know, he's the boss and you're not, so he'll do what he wants, while you do what he says.

I'm betting that that's the ballpark you're in with this.

Of course, that's how I see management on the whole, of any kind, really. There are exceptions, and I have many friends- including my wife- in management positions, so I do seem certain things from their perspective.

But I think a large percentage of people in managerial positions tend to function this way, to varying degrees.