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Topic subjectMy beef, more than the randomness, is the extreme transmissibility
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13451609, My beef, more than the randomness, is the extreme transmissibility
Posted by MEAT, Wed Jan-12-22 11:31 AM
We weren't around anyone when not wearing KN95 masks. Didn't eat indoors. And only around each other.

Here's the total time we spent indoors and masked

1. The gas station on the way down for a pee stop
2. The grocery store at the island
3. The gift shop at the turtle center
4. The alligator exhibit at the bird center
5. The grocery store on Monday (me)

Other than that we were in the hotel room or outdoors

When in the hotel we were masked as soon as we walked in, until we got into the room.

If I had to guess the baby caught it at some point early in the week he's not masked. My daughter then got it from him, had one night of fever (Monday), but we didn't test because
1. she fights tests and
2. it only lasted the night
3. kid gunk has been going around in the house since November
Wednesday we head home, wife said she wasn't feeling great, she tested Thursday, Friday, Saturday and never popped up positive.
I tested Thursday, Friday, Saturday and only showed up positive Saturday.

Nobody is sick sick. I only tested because my nose started running. And I've been in my office isolated ever since.