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Topic subjectBeing a new parent is stressful on ones dispositions
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13451601, Being a new parent is stressful on ones dispositions
Posted by walihorse, Wed Jan-12-22 11:00 AM
I'm a pretty laid back person. the majority of things that occur, I take in stride and don't tend to overreact.

But having an infant and being unsure about things is stressing me out. Today, I decided to give my almost 7 month old eggs. I knew of the possibilities a reaction. My wife and I have been introducing new foods on a weekly basis and she been chill with everything.

Today he had an extremely mild reaction, just a bit of hives which (luckily) quickly went away.

But my wife tends to overreact and her reaction to things just made me panic. we immediately called her pediatrician.

Like I'm seating her shitting bricks, at any point I could do something that could cause so much harm to my daughter fucks me up.