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Topic subjectDaughter tested negative today, after testing positive Saturday
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13451599, Daughter tested negative today, after testing positive Saturday
Posted by MEAT, Wed Jan-12-22 10:47 AM
I'm still positive. Wife and Son tested negative and never turned positive.

So that provides a better snapshot of how it made it's way through the house. In that it either hit everyone else first and then her then me, or she was the first and I'm last.

Either way, I still maintain you can't fight a global pandemic with individual actions.

Anyways, we had packed up the car on 12/31, drove down to South Padre on 1/1. It's the first time we've been able to take off of work and travel since Christmas of 2019. Called ourselves dipping in our toes into the water and meeting the rest of the world six months ago.

And at some point during those five days, the world met us. The kicker being that we spent nearly the entire time when going out of the hotel room, outdoors and masked up while doing so. The only time we weren't masked, was at the beach, and even then we were far from other people. Because who goes to the beach in 40 degree weather?

You can drive on Texas beaches by the way.

In the now, I'm just glad everyone is ok, if we hadn't tested we wouldn't have known. But that's the randomness of it all.