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Topic subjectThe money is funny
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13451592, The money is funny
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Jan-12-22 10:11 AM
got a 5% raise but of course the furnace is acting up… money

Need 2 tires and an alignment.. money

Have a few side hustles that are interesting. I been slipping on my grind but after working 8 hours and getting home to spend time with the kids.. I just wanna chill. But the goal is an extra $1,000 to $1500 every month. This month I have $1200 in side hustles but nothing lined up for February.

Also time to sit down and create a few items that can be sold without having to take 5 hours to make each one.

I have tons of photos and logos and sketches. I need to open a store of some sorts.

Going to New Orleans this Spring for the nephews wedding. Never been before. Should be fun. Going to take a few extra days to kick it. Can’t wait!