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Topic subjectWhat's been working for you?
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13451876, What's been working for you?
Posted by kfine, Sat Jan-15-22 06:55 PM
>Definitely have a little strategy now.

I've been trying out different approaches on the archive/practice site shared earlier in the post.

I allow myself to do about 10 a morning.

And I still think a solid go-to first word (covering a good mix of vowels and consonants) is the biggest key.

But I've been going back and forth on the utility of a 2nd go-to (or sometimes a 3rd, depending how few lightups one gets in the first 2)

I def think paying super close attention to positions (i.e. using process of elimination to rule out where you know letters definitely aren't or can't be) pays off better after guess 2, and I've noticed thinking a lot more in common prefixes (eg. un-), suffixes (eg. -ade, -er, -y), and double letter combos (eg. -zz-,-ll-,-ee-) has been helpful too.

But then, when I tried abandoning my 2nd go-to for a couple practice days and focusing straight away after guess 1 on the clues indicated so far, I noticed I went from averaging about 4 guesses to a lot more 5s and 6s and in one case not guessing the word at all, which had so far never happened when I used the 'first and second go-to' strategy.

Out of curiosity, I switched back to a 'first and second go-to strategy' my next day of practice, and immediately started scoring closer to how I normally would but even better, with a few 3s and 2s in there.

So now I'm thinking that the cost of throwing a 2nd guess away on a go-to might actually be worth the additional knowledge one gets out of it re: letters, positions, etc. Like, I think anchoring my guesses to what my first go-to revealed kind of limited the words I thought of or something.

fwiw guessed today's in 4:

Wordle 210 4/6