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Topic subjectjust noticing you asked and moving this here, after also asking below:
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13451534, just noticing you asked and moving this here, after also asking below:
Posted by kfine, Tue Jan-11-22 12:25 PM
I got confident after I solved my very first one in 2 tries (I think it was Day 2 wordle), but haven't been able to solve in under 4 tries since lol ;(

I'm pretty sure my strategy is inflating my number, but I also feel pretty sure that I will always solve it if I do it this way no matter what so I'm reluctant to abandon it. But I'll see how my scores dip or improve over time.

What I do is I have a go-to word that I always guess first. I use it bc it seems to have a good balance of what seem to be the most used vowels (eg. E,A) and consonants (eg. T) in English words. If that word only has like 1 letter that lights up, then I enter my second go-to word which has all the remaining vowels that weren't in go-to word 1 and some additional consonants that also seem frequently used.

I almost always get more (green) lightups by guess 3 and then get it in guess 4 by doing this, but I recognize it comes at a significant cost since I'm basically throwing away my first 2 guesses.

I once tried just entering 'AEIOU' first to get a sense of the vowels to work with, but learned the game only allows you to guess actual words lol. And I also discovered a very, very, very useful cheat resource yesterday that helped focus my thoughts but I've vowed not to use it again bc what's the fun in that lol