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Topic subjectLate Pass: The Disney rebrand? expanded lore? of Tinkerbell is good
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13451410, Late Pass: The Disney rebrand? expanded lore? of Tinkerbell is good
Posted by MEAT, Mon Jan-10-22 11:28 AM
She's basically an engineer
The outfit is still whatever a lot of the time. She's part of the tinker guild or whatever. So all of the fairies that are like her build stuff to figure out their way for things.

I try to watch the messages being sent to my kids. Disney still doesn't have tomboys, but I can see what they try to do with girls can do anything.

13451459, Moana was literally a tomboy trying to escape being a princess lol
Posted by tomjohn29, Mon Jan-10-22 04:27 PM
13451464, yup
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jan-10-22 04:55 PM
13451470, Skeeter from Muppet Babies was a tomboy
Posted by MEAT, Mon Jan-10-22 05:57 PM
Moana is not that
13451479, So Raya then
Posted by tomjohn29, Mon Jan-10-22 07:14 PM
naamari even more so
Luisa from Encanto even more
13451483, I refuse the "tomboy" characterization entirely
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Jan-10-22 08:11 PM
IMO Moana, and other such heroines, are just people forging their own path, independent of any traditional social/gender expectation.

That's exactly how I frame it to my daughter too; there's no such thing as a "tomboy".

IMO it reinforces the idea that whatever she is/does that would normally fall under a "boy" umbrella makes some "other" form of girl.

Rather, any such interests are perfectly valid expressions of that character's own (i.e: regardless of anyone else's expectation) identity, and thus the same holds true for herself in the real world.

She definitely identifies more with the Raya/Moana/Mirabel types of the Disney world, than their traditional "rescue me" princesses.

She doesn't even rock with Elsa like that anymore, despite being more of a bridge between the two.
13451488, cool
Posted by tomjohn29, Mon Jan-10-22 08:39 PM