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Topic subjectRIP Bob Saget
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13451391, RIP Bob Saget
Posted by Heinz, Sun Jan-09-22 08:17 PM

13451393, damn :( RIP
Posted by Mynoriti, Sun Jan-09-22 09:00 PM
13451394, man wtf? rip.
Posted by Reeq, Sun Jan-09-22 09:06 PM
13451395, Dammit Man!
Posted by Adwhizz, Sun Jan-09-22 09:11 PM
America's Funniest Home Videos
Half Baked
Full House

Dude made up a huge part of a period of my life
13451396, A genital wart on the cock of American Culture (c) Greg Giraldo
Posted by Cold Truth, Sun Jan-09-22 09:32 PM
I still love his CC roast to this day, because more than anyone apart from maybe Joan Rivers- the GOAT closer of these IMO-, he was a towering comedy icon who felt in on the joke. I don't think I've ever heard a sincerely bad word about the guy.

Salute and RIP

Anyone else going to do at least a small Full House binge?
13451406, RIP. I hate this.
Posted by Brew, Mon Jan-10-22 10:14 AM
13451462, Rest in peace.
Posted by Shaun Tha Don, Mon Jan-10-22 04:41 PM
13451474, Man, a guy from two of the biggest tv shows ever...
Posted by shockvalue, Mon Jan-10-22 06:49 PM
...wasn't retired at 65. I don't stand a chance!

RIP Bob.
13451478, it's funny. I think he hated both FH and AFHV.
Posted by Triptych, Mon Jan-10-22 07:12 PM
His standup was fucking filthy. I think he maybe felt like he never really achieved career success.
13451489, Nah he didn't have a problem with it
Posted by Mafamaticks, Mon Jan-10-22 08:59 PM

Patrice the Gawd asks him straight up and he gives a wise response. I miss this show. RIP to Bob man. Dropping one liners and murdering the room like it ain't nothing
13451546, Great clip...
Posted by soulfunk, Tue Jan-11-22 02:47 PM
13451563, forgot about this.
Posted by Triptych, Tue Jan-11-22 04:46 PM
I still think he's not quite saying it's the kind of thing he wanted to be a part of.

But obviously a huge opportunity for him at the time.
13451490, I mean, a lot of these comedians just like doing stand-up
Posted by mrhood75, Mon Jan-10-22 09:36 PM
I'm sure Saget had amassed A LOT of money, but some people just like being on the road and making people laugh. And if someone is willing to pay them a good chunk of change to do it, and they're still willing and able, then why not?
13451554, some people want to die doing what they love
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Jan-11-22 04:10 PM
13451565, Sagat was asked, "Why he keeps coming back to stand-up comedy..."
Posted by Marbles, Tue Jan-11-22 05:24 PM

I just read this article right before clicking this post about Bob Saget, so I figured that I'd share it with everyone.



On Sunday, Orange County Sheriff's Office said that comedian and one of America's most memorable sitcom father figures, Bob Saget, was found at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando.

No signs of drugs or foul play are suspected, but it has been just three months since the 65-year-old played th Improv in Ybor City.

Before his Tampa appearance, Saget caught up with Creative Loafing Tampa Bay to talk about his friend Norm MacDonald, who had just passed away. In his interview, CL comedy correspondent Michael Murillo asked Saget why he always comes back to stand-up.

"He gave a longer answer than what was published," Murillo wrote after Saget's death.

In the wake of the comedian's death, Murillo has shared Saget's full response. Read it below.

In addition to singing in a monster costume, you’ve acted, directed, hosted game shows, written books and served as the narrator’s voice on “How I Met Your Mother.” But you always seem to come back to stand-up. What does telling jokes on stage give you that other creative outlets can’t?

BOB SAGET: I love that question. When I started singing comedy songs when I was seventeen, I was drawn to music and parodies and writing original songs too because I had seen Martin Mull do his show while I lived in Philadelphia. Amazing, I’ve been directing a documentary we are near completion of about Martin Mull.

So I always did musical comedy, but then took off the guitar and did stand-up since I was seventeen all the way through my entire life. I would go away from it for a few years here or there—After the Video Show ended, I directed a feature film (“Dirty Work” with Norm) and three movies for television— But then I always came back to stand-up to find my core of what I find funny, no matter where it led me.

I’m on tour because I love this new hour plus of material I’ve been working on so much, it’s literally like beginning again, but now I know all the tools to make it better than in the past. And comedy certainly has changed, and so have I as far as being more responsible. Still doesn’t mean I don’t go off on stuff that’s like a soft-R rated rant, but I’m really into just being funny and sharing it with the people, which, especially now, brings me a gigantic amount of satisfaction.

I’m at the Tampa Improv Comedy Theatre this weekend, and some people have asked, “Will it be the same stuff you did when you played in July at The Capitol Theatre in Clearwater?” And I’ve answered, “Well, I have a lot new stuff to talk about since then because every day is a brand new experience in this insane world we are in, but yes, some of it will be the same.”

When it comes to me doing my music, that’s different as comedy songs can be heard over and over if they’re any good. But my stand-up is never the same. It’s pretty much different every time I do it, because I always need to change it up ‘cause I can’t like do a recital and stay on book with my standup. It’s always happening in the moment. I love it now more than ever. With stand-up, no one can tell you what can or can’t say or do….except the audiences.
13451624, Deon Cole post
Posted by Heinz, Wed Jan-12-22 01:42 PM