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Topic subjectfunny, ironic observations - "not buying a Fender Electric Bass....so...."
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13451358, funny, ironic observations - "not buying a Fender Electric Bass....so...."
Posted by c71, Sat Jan-08-22 11:19 AM
Things in the USA...hmmmm...don't look all that great...yes?

trumpy GOP seems like they are going further and further..2022 Midterms?

I was planning buying LOT's of musical instruments, musical equipment with my expected tax return money...but now...don't know about really engaging in some type of "entertainment plan/musical program" with a resurgent trumpy GOP getting stronger in this country.


Many folks got to "keep on" with their plans, hopes and dreams in the USA, no matter what happens politically...because they got to care for their families, build wealth, etc.

I don't have kids, either.

So..I was like:

"Man, some people trying to "get ahead in the USA" gonna have a tough time if the GOP really starts "Steve Bannon-ing" this country completely..."


"I'm not buying an electric bass guitar...so I'm okay."