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Topic subjectfunny, ironic observations - "not buying a Fender Electric Bass....so...."
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13451358, funny, ironic observations - "not buying a Fender Electric Bass....so...."
Posted by c71, Sat Jan-08-22 11:19 AM
Things in the USA...hmmmm...don't look all that great...yes?

trumpy GOP seems like they are going further and further..2022 Midterms?

I was planning buying LOT's of musical instruments, musical equipment with my expected tax return money...but now...don't know about really engaging in some type of "entertainment plan/musical program" with a resurgent trumpy GOP getting stronger in this country.


Many folks got to "keep on" with their plans, hopes and dreams in the USA, no matter what happens politically...because they got to care for their families, build wealth, etc.

I don't have kids, either.

So..I was like:

"Man, some people trying to "get ahead in the USA" gonna have a tough time if the GOP really starts "Steve Bannon-ing" this country completely..."


"I'm not buying an electric bass guitar...so I'm okay."
13451360, Buy that electric bass guitar
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Sat Jan-08-22 01:44 PM

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13451362, nah, that bass would be like a couple hundred bucks I might need
Posted by c71, Sat Jan-08-22 02:23 PM
as far as what type of expenses might be up if I got to get out of the south.
13451365, he gone slappa de bass mon!
Posted by Ray_Snill, Sat Jan-08-22 03:28 PM
13451366, roots, rock, reggae!!!!
Posted by c71, Sat Jan-08-22 03:54 PM
Rat Race!!! Rat Race!!!

13451367, These are your best bars yet.
Posted by Nopayne, Sat Jan-08-22 04:03 PM
13451369, fuck that...got a bass guitar for my 5 year old girl for christmas
Posted by tomjohn29, Sat Jan-08-22 04:46 PM
you know what her present to me was....SP404MK2
fuck trump
13451377, bro the joy that you'll get from picking up a musical hobby at this age
Posted by mikediggz, Sun Jan-09-22 10:39 AM
is priceless...esp in this climate of not being able to move about freely in the public and do the things we used to do pre covid. ive been playing guitar for a long time but i also have a bass that i mess around with and recently started piano lessons again after many years (basically starting from scratch).

most ppl considering getting an instrument at this age have a love for the music (which id wager is the case based on your musical knowledge and difft posts youve made) indulge yourself homey you wont be mad.
13451379, smh at letting Trump steal your bass
Posted by legsdiamond, Sun Jan-09-22 11:20 AM
fuck that..

13451384, if the bass would have been a "fraction" of the expected tax return $$$
Posted by c71, Sun Jan-09-22 02:12 PM


...the bass along with the several OTHER things to go with it would have been like "I'm thinking I can 'chill' here in the south with just a few hundred $$$ left.."

and...I don't think so....

Having as much $$$ as I can keep from the expected tax return $$ seems best now.
13451389, I mean.. if money is tight? I understand
Posted by legsdiamond, Sun Jan-09-22 07:33 PM
I'm just not one to give a politician credit from stopping me from my hobbies/joy..

maybe it takes a bit longer to justify the cost.

It ain't trump tho..
13451398, I was willing to almost go broke for music if I thought the USA was...
Posted by c71, Sun Jan-09-22 11:03 PM
..sufficiently moving AWAY from trumpism...


...I'm not willing to go broke for music if the USA ain't really going in a good direction.
13451405, well.. I wouldn’t suggest going broke for anything at this age
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jan-10-22 10:05 AM
gotta keep something in the stash
13451428, Deciding not to make music is about the worst response to Trump.
Posted by Triptych, Mon Jan-10-22 01:48 PM
13451441, I'm making music - it's just without the bass, etc. it's "limited" to say the least
Posted by c71, Mon Jan-10-22 03:20 PM
So I was thinking of a "upgrade" for a better overall thing.

But now....

Whatever I do with my limited stuff...will have to suffice. I definitely don't think anyone will want to buy it in its current form.
13451445, Glad to hear it.
Posted by Triptych, Mon Jan-10-22 03:37 PM
For me a new instrument is often a good catalyst to get into the studio. Didn’t realize you already had a bass

Bought my first bass last year. Really fun instrument.
13451485, I have keyboards and a guitar...so that music sound "incomplete"
Posted by c71, Mon Jan-10-22 08:11 PM
13451491, strongly recommend picking one up.
Posted by Triptych, Mon Jan-10-22 11:04 PM
If you can play guitar at all you can definitely play simple bass lines.

It makes a big difference and really does fill out the music, more than you might even expect.

Also, again, really fun to play for some reason.
13451443, Just get a used bass. They hold their value incredibly well...
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Jan-10-22 03:32 PM
I say that as a bass player who has had dozens of basses over the years, and in almost every case I sold them for more than what I paid (exceptions being when I bought new.)

On top of that the quality of basses available on the lower end of the market is INCREDIBLE vs. what it was 10 years ago. Fender Squires are great basses now. I bought a 5 string Squire P bass as a backup to my main Sadowsky and MTD basses for the gigs where I don't want to bring a $5000+ instrument to a random bar, and that Squire absolutely still gets the job done.