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Topic subjectVinyl record players - suggestions?
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13451349, Vinyl record players - suggestions?
Posted by DJR, Fri Jan-07-22 09:10 PM
I’ve bought some vinyl records in recent years to support acts I really fuck with(LB, Tanya Morgan, etc.) but I don’t have a record player.

Looking to buy one but I’m lost. Any recommendations on good brands, models, speakers, etc?
13451354, Fluance
Posted by shockvalue, Fri Jan-07-22 11:33 PM
A good brand in general, the rt85 is a super value at 500 because it includes the $200 Ortofon blue cartridge and an acrylic platter on a well made unit with good precision of speed. Plus it has auto stop, a rarity on high end players.

The trade off is no built in preamp, you’ll either need a phono capable receiver or standalone phono preamp ($40 for a decent one).
13451355, I did a custom U-Turn Audio Orbit.
Posted by JFrost1117, Sat Jan-08-22 01:26 AM
Custom color and the acrylic platter, but I stopped short of adding the preamp.

The only complaints I have are that they released purple as a color option shortly after I got mine, and it's a little difficult getting the band right changing between 33 & 45.
13451370, i copped this $99 joint from Target
Posted by FLUIDJ, Sat Jan-08-22 06:09 PM
It works and sounds great to my ears.



I’d originally spent almost double on an Arstechnica model, but returned it.

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13451371, Get on Craigslist and get one. Lots of vintage nice gear on sale
Posted by Castro, Sat Jan-08-22 06:19 PM
You can get a nice high end turntable on Craig for $300-500. Same thing with speakers and amps too.
13451376, Bought this Hi-fi something award winning one for $150
Posted by Bambino Grande, Sun Jan-09-22 10:32 AM

Had it for a year, love it. Mine is red tho

13451397, Still rocking with my Audio Technica LP60.
Posted by catalyst, Sun Jan-09-22 10:54 PM
Had it since 2018. Got it to play some records that were gifted to me. Plays some of my records a little too fast, but it suits my needs. Sounds good and hasn’t destroyed my records.
13451403, I've got an AudioTechnica LP120
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Jan-10-22 09:16 AM
which is copy of the Technics 1200. I highly recommend it.
13451411, whatever level you go, AudioTechnica makes good product (happy w/mine for 10+yrs)
Posted by Robert, Mon Jan-10-22 11:47 AM
13451421, Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Direct-Drive Professional Turntable
Posted by handle, Mon Jan-10-22 01:17 PM
Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Direct-Drive Professional Turntable and that aforementioned (by others) Audi Technica tables are basicly the same.

I've had both and they are both completely fine.