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Topic subjectI like this - but it's not R&B
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13451363, I like this - but it's not R&B
Posted by handle, Sat Jan-08-22 02:36 PM
It's more like Nu City Pop + the Nu New Wave that Breakbot/Holy Ghost!/Justice are making - and that Bruno kind of used - and less Michael Jackson/Quincy Jones inspired.

This is more Depeche Mode sounding than Mtume - but it's also BOTH. Definitely heard some guitar from the 80s on a few songs.

Loved the fact than Autotune was used much less here.

Lyrics are kind of lazy sometimes - but almost all the bands I mentioned above have that too.

And he's probably a better singer than 90% of the obvious influences.

But I don't find this as performative/imitative as Sonic Silk - and it's also less tongue in cheek.

And he got Jim Carrey to be on it too.