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Topic subject01/07/2022
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Posted by mista k5, Fri Jan-07-22 10:31 AM
As the lines keep blurring on what is an album I am going to just call this new music instead of new albums. A bit slow but I don't mind as I am still wrapping up my revisit on 2021 albums.

First project I checked out was this Kool Keith & Del project. Google says it came out in July 2021 but I had not heard of it. I think Del sounds pretty good on it but the production isn't doing it for me.

From today I am probably checking out the Gunna and Weeknd. I am going to try to check out more singles this year. I listened to the Fake Friends by Gucci, not bad. Going to check out singles by 2 Chainz, Earl and Kota.

If there are projects missing from the list below, please post them.

What will you be listening to?

Genius List:
Andrew Star - Level - 5/5
Andrew Star - Psychedelic Fever - 6/6
Fall! - REVENGE - 0/12
Lil Playah - Money Hungry! - 5/5

Halsey - If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power (Deluxe) - 16/16

Montana of 300 - Rap God - 7/25

DOPE LEMON - Rose Pink Cadillac - 10/10
EDDISON - #4U - EP - 0/4
Gunna - DS4EVER - 15/20
Infected Rain - Ecdysis - 3/12
INNA - Champagne Problems #DQH1 - 8/8
MARINA - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land (Deluxe) - 15/15
RuPaul - MAMARU - 10/10
The Weeknd - Dawn FM - 16/16


Metacritic list:
Spector - Now Or Whenever
Twin Atlantic - Transparency

HipHop DX list:
BigBabyGucci - Iridesense