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Topic subjectthe DJ at Barclays for Nets games is an OKP
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13451553, the DJ at Barclays for Nets games is an OKP
Posted by guru0509, Tue Jan-11-22 03:44 PM
(im joking but it seems that way)

Ive heard Black Star, Mobb Deep, Pharcyde, SMif N Wessun, LOOTPACK!, Street Biggie (aka Who SHot ya Invincible, Gimme Da Loot ) etc ...lol when I was growing up and went to Pistons games the DJ's only played classic rock anthems.

>Made Niners / Rams even more enjoyable
>Now that they're not playing music on Quinceanera speakers
>their song choice can shine
>Barclays gets a nod for Nets games and boxing events