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Topic subjectRE: I started working on it for fun
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13452447, RE: I started working on it for fun
Posted by dustin, Mon Jan-24-22 02:21 PM
This is dope.

Since this forum runs on dead software (DCForum), probably the best route to a mobile-friendly layout would be new CSS (like this) and maybe even mangling the HTML itself. I know Triptych (also a software dev and longtime OKP) started some code long ago to parse OKP thread HTML: https://github.com/djtriptych/okp-threadparser

I would be down to help out if you keep working on this! Maybe it could evolve into a browser extension.

>I wanted to see how far I could go with just CSS so I started
>a stylesheet for the archive pages and a bookmarklet to apply
>I'll do more when I get the chance.