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Topic subjectAny Way We Can Get A Modern Responsive UI For OKP?
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13451142, Any Way We Can Get A Modern Responsive UI For OKP?
Posted by Reeq, Wed Jan-05-22 03:01 PM
surely the forum software makes a skin just a lil more friendly to mobile devices right? lol.

if we gotta kick in a few dollars to get that upgrade pack...i'm down.
13451147, I think there's only 1 person in the world with the IT knowledge for OKP
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Wed Jan-05-22 03:49 PM
If he disappears, the site is done.

Ain't no updates coming lol
13451149, lol that brother triptych looking at me like 'nigga slow down'.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Jan-05-22 04:28 PM
13451267, lol
Posted by J305, Thu Jan-06-22 08:56 PM
Sounds like the boards are a 'duct tape and bubblegum' situation. Much appreciated for anyone who does the IT part here
13451492, 🤓
Posted by Triptych, Mon Jan-10-22 11:24 PM
13451151, Oh shit!
Posted by Amritsar, Wed Jan-05-22 04:30 PM
13451148, RE: Any Way We Can Get A Modern Responsive UI For OKP?
Posted by squeeg, Wed Jan-05-22 04:03 PM
>surely the forum software makes a skin just a lil more
>friendly to mobile devices right? lol.

The software powering this forum has been dead for many years. I doubt "responsive UI" was even a concept whenever it was last updated.

I don't know the inner workings of DCForum, but I imagine there's a way to modify the templates to update the HTML and CSS to something more modern and agreeable for smaller devices.

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13451150, damn thats prolly a nonstarter then lol.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Jan-05-22 04:29 PM
>The software powering this forum has been dead for many years.
>I doubt "responsive UI" was even a concept whenever it was
>last updated.

13451152, What you're requesting isn't impossible...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Wed Jan-05-22 04:32 PM
..but not likely anytime soon.

Improvements are clearly needed for all thinks OKP-related. Unfortunately, there are other concerns to be addressed as well and all of it will take time.

Thanks for your patience.

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13451154, this reminded me to check r/okayplayer
Posted by mista k5, Wed Jan-05-22 04:51 PM
i wonder if any other subreddits have failed as hard
13451155, Lmao!
Posted by Bambino Grande, Wed Jan-05-22 05:17 PM
>i wonder if any other subreddits have failed as hard
13451176, this shit might be off next week lol, the boards are just a small part...
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Jan-06-22 10:30 AM
of the okayplayer.com website that most of the people currently in charge barely care about, its almost become more of a liability than an asset, hence the ads we get bombarded with all over our screens
13451229, I feel like its time..i'm ok if it goes away
Posted by Damali, Thu Jan-06-22 03:40 PM
It was a thing that had its time.


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13451232, Nahhh it's certainly changed a lot, and isn't as fastpaced as it once was.
Posted by Brew, Thu Jan-06-22 04:00 PM
But I for one don't know how I could live without it. Not only does it offer a much needed distraction from work-related spreadsheets and reports, but more importantly it's a *productive* distraction from work; I learn a LOT from you all/this board ... news, information, perspective, insight, personal anecdotes, etc. ... stuff that I wouldn't know where to find anywhere else. Certainly not fucking Twitter lol.

And all of the above is in addition to the music and other cultural stuff I learn from spending time on these boards with all of you. We all obviously share a lot of common interests (and political/moral ideologies) and that's something I'm not sure I could really replicate elsewhere .. at least not to the degree that I find it here.

All of that's very "me me me" but I have to assume I'm not alone.

Like Reeq, I'd gladly throw some money in to update the UI so we can keep this thing going and update it for modern times. I'd miss it too much to see it go.
13451238, agreed. i still appreciate the shit out of this place
Posted by Mynoriti, Thu Jan-06-22 04:23 PM
for pretty much all the reason you said. i'll be pretty bummed the fuck out once it finally goes away

13451254, I definitely missed it during the abrupt shutdown a couple years ago…
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Jan-06-22 06:20 PM
there still a distinctly different feel here from regular social media and even other message boards
13451259, I don't see why we gotta get gloom and doom about this place
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Jan-06-22 07:19 PM
I don't have insight into the inner workings of the site, but the message boards seemingly exist off in a largely inoffensive corner of this spot. It's not like we're particularly expensive to maintain or are becoming a "problem" for the Mothership. We can keep bumping along until become just decide to stop posting.
13451269, The shutdown from a couple years ago seemed like a precursor...
Posted by soulfunk, Thu Jan-06-22 09:50 PM
At the time I definitely thought it was the end - an unceremonious, abrupt end. And I definitely missed it while it was gone.
13451273, this.this.this n/m
Posted by jdub1313, Fri Jan-07-22 09:23 AM
13451281, ^^^
Posted by mikediggz, Fri Jan-07-22 10:42 AM
13451249, count me in for throwing some money into a solution
Posted by mista k5, Thu Jan-06-22 04:59 PM
13451257, nah, leave this shit as it is
Posted by will_5198, Thu Jan-06-22 07:06 PM
any modernizing might crash it or take away the nostalgic part

I'd rather have it die than turn into anything else
13451260, Nah. IT Pro here.
Posted by jetblack, Thu Jan-06-22 07:21 PM
Been through multiple migrations of data from here to here.

Thus and thus.

It's going to break a lot and become a massive problem for someone. I wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole.

It's cheaper to keep it as is.
13451263, its really not that hard to migrate data between template based frameworks.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Jan-06-22 07:49 PM
there are migration scripts that handle this for different forum/cms/shopping/etc software. but manually isnt too complicated either.

what are you really in danger of 'breaking' as long as the db is intact?

the main site (not the forum subdomain) is already using a responsive ui. so its not like youre redesigning the whole thing.

just update your new forum page templates to use the old db tables/fields.
13451266, There aren't any 'new' templates to migrate to.
Posted by Nopayne, Thu Jan-06-22 08:49 PM
This forum software is beyond end of life. Some Googling will show you just how bad the situation is.

It's cheaper and less risky to kill the boards tbh. Hate to say it.
13451268, i think you misinterpreted me.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Jan-06-22 09:08 PM
i was talking about migrating to *different* software. like from wordpress to drupal.

but lets be honest...you dont even need to change the backend software wholesale when you can just update the frontend templates html/css (with something like bootstrap for example).

we are not talking about performance or eol security upgrades or something like that. we are just talking about a different ui/design for a more comfortable presentation to visitors.

i know you know its not as difficult as its being made out to be.

13451270, the main site has basically nothing in common with the forums
Posted by Rjcc, Fri Jan-07-22 07:20 AM
other than the domain

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13451261, i love the nostalgic feeling - i joined in 2005 and appreciate that
Posted by wrecknoble, Thu Jan-06-22 07:41 PM
it hasn't really changed. feels familiar to come back to this format, even if it's not updated for modern times.
13451264, at least give us some dark mode damn lol.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Jan-06-22 07:51 PM
the chrome forced dark mode is pretty brutal.
13451540, it adds to the "third place" feeling for sure
Posted by bearfield, Tue Jan-11-22 01:46 PM
i honestly hate it here most of the time and even won't bother posting or replying bc i might get replied to by some lonely misanthropic sociopath in OKS or the lesson. but i keep coming back and lurking so there is definitely a pull to this place — mostly driven by familiarity — and the outdated tech is defnitely part of that familiarity
13451284, I think user engagement died because of the outdated technology
Posted by double negative, Fri Jan-07-22 10:55 AM
I know a major part of the ppl moved to facebook, but what about ppl who arent on facebook?
13451287, Twitter nm
Posted by vik, Fri Jan-07-22 11:19 AM
13451307, Your solution really is the end of OKP though.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri Jan-07-22 02:23 PM
Like all the alternatives are out there already. But this doesn't work as a reddit group, facebook group, twitter flock(?), etc.

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13451308, i think hes just looking for a mobile friendly version
Posted by mista k5, Fri Jan-07-22 02:25 PM
new features would be great and all but if it would just be more usable on a phone that would enough.
13451312, that's honestly for the best? no one should come here more
Posted by Rjcc, Fri Jan-07-22 02:54 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13451498, May as well start a discord server at this point
Posted by hardware, Tue Jan-11-22 01:27 AM
13451537, or circle...
Posted by dapitts08, Tue Jan-11-22 12:58 PM
13451577, Randomly came across the okp subreddit lol
Posted by Amritsar, Tue Jan-11-22 08:43 PM

This seems like a good option.
13451679, I started working on it for fun
Posted by Jive Alive, Thu Jan-13-22 10:27 AM
I wanted to see how far I could go with just CSS so I started a stylesheet for the archive pages and a bookmarklet to apply it:


I'll do more when I get the chance.
13451745, I'm interested to see the result of your work
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri Jan-14-22 12:28 AM
How would I pull up the site using your stylesheet?
13451990, RE: I'm interested to see the result of your work
Posted by Jive Alive, Tue Jan-18-22 09:26 AM
The CSS, and a bookmarklet to apply it are available here:

You can use them to see the stylesheet applied using a desktop browser.

1. Create a bookmark with the bookmarklet text as the URL. It starts with javascript: rather than https:
2. Navigate to a forum or topic on the board.
3. Click the bookmark with the custom javascript in it.

This will fetch the CSS from GitHub and append it as a style element in the head.

I wanted to see how far I could get with just CSS, and now I know.

The limitation I'm hitting is the table of contents and nested comments. The indentation is handled with literal whitespace like non-breaking spaces, which CSS doesn't have much control over.

A possible solution would be more JavaScript to produce a character count that let's the CSS know how much indentation to apply. I'm not sure I can make it terse enough to fit it in a bookmarklet.
13452340, Thanks for the instructions
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri Jan-21-22 09:27 PM
Not bad. I personally like the threaded nature of the boards. But pulling off threads can be difficult depending on the width of a visitor's browser.

Hopefully, the staff here makes it worthwhile to you if they hire you to work on the boards.
13452346, yeah something like this. def an improvement. thanks.
Posted by Reeq, Sat Jan-22-22 04:35 AM
13452447, RE: I started working on it for fun
Posted by dustin, Mon Jan-24-22 02:21 PM
This is dope.

Since this forum runs on dead software (DCForum), probably the best route to a mobile-friendly layout would be new CSS (like this) and maybe even mangling the HTML itself. I know Triptych (also a software dev and longtime OKP) started some code long ago to parse OKP thread HTML: https://github.com/djtriptych/okp-threadparser

I would be down to help out if you keep working on this! Maybe it could evolve into a browser extension.

>I wanted to see how far I could go with just CSS so I started
>a stylesheet for the archive pages and a bookmarklet to apply
>I'll do more when I get the chance.
13452446, Does OKP employ any engineering folks?
Posted by dustin, Mon Jan-24-22 02:18 PM
I'm curious what the tech/engineering side of Okayplayer as a company looks like right now?

I looked at Okayplayer on LinkedIn but most of the people listed there seemed like editors/writers