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Topic subjectStick with it, because Danielle Deadwylder in Ep. 3....COT DAMN!!
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13451401, Stick with it, because Danielle Deadwylder in Ep. 3....COT DAMN!!
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Mon Jan-10-22 08:46 AM
Like I said in the PTP post:

Ever watch a performance and be like, "who the heck is that?" and then you go search the internet to learn everything you can about that actor? That's what Danielle Deadwyler did in the episode. She was a force of nature.

Also halfway through I was like, why are these shots so perfect and captures Danielle Deadwyler looking like a beautiful piece of art? Also why does it look so familiar? Internet reveals its familiar because it was directed by Hiro Murai from Atlanta. Crazy a TV director has such a distinctive look and feel.

We watched the first 3 episodes and episode 2 almost lost us and really liked eps 1 and 3 and it turns out those are the two directed by Hiro Murai. Dude is nice.

The show builds tremendously from there. Ep 7 has the best use of a Tribe song I've ever seen on TV.

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