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Topic subjectFirst episode is hard for me because I worked in the arts…
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13451390, First episode is hard for me because I worked in the arts…
Posted by SuiteLady, Sun Jan-09-22 08:06 PM
… there is always a doctor in the audience, we actually give a free subscription to a local hospital as part of an agreement that there we always be a doctor “on duty.” And there is a specific staff person with a headset assigned to be near that seat to notify the doctor when assistance is needed. And kids are not left to fend for themselves like that - not here at least, I don’t know how it is in Chicago. Kids in theatre around here are very well cared for by staff and usually at least one parent is always present. And if their characters don’t have to be in the whole play, you see them and their parents leaving at intermission. And that dude would have been picked up and thrown off the stage around here, if he ever even made it on stage, regardless - medical emergency or not.