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Topic subjectI'm not denying the reason he went that route
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13452006, I'm not denying the reason he went that route
Posted by Heinz, Tue Jan-18-22 12:36 PM
It's still not even close to being his best music nor is it even groundbreaking the way people from our generation try to make it out to be. It's just old fans of rap being OH SHIT OUR GUY IS STILL RAPPING and the subject matter is relatable. That's all it is. WHY we can't admit that our fav artists are in their Adult Contemporary eras of their career's? Ionno. The fast your do the better the expectations you will have on their actual albums. Hov is the one of the only guys from that era I don't mind hearing new music from. Busta and Ghost too.

I don't have high hopes for that Black Star album, maybe a little more than originally did after hearing that snippet from Chappelle.

I want someone to bring back Vol 3 and the Neptunes sound back. I've been saying this for years. I wanna see Drake bring it back and finally have a proper posse cut joint of guys trading verses. I need Hov and Drake doing a Put Ya Hands Up. Quest was recently tweeting about this sound needing to come back and he's right it's time.