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Topic subjectDid yall not read what I wrote?...
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13451963, Did yall not read what I wrote?...
Posted by tzt2004, Mon Jan-17-22 03:27 PM
Again, Jay wants to be THAT guy and in the conversation. How often does Jay tweet? Thats the firat question I have.

To response to a comment about his album gives opportunity for analysis from fans,critics, and artists alike.

That's what he wants...to be discussed, his music and catalog to be discussed especially NOW. It helps his ego and makes him feel he's not losing his grip if people are analyzing his past music currently.

Yall have to look at the bigger picture and read between the lines. Again, how often does Jay tweet?

>Quest tweeted that Jay was embarrassed for trying to make a
>monster album that didn’t end up putting up numbers, but
>that a lot of Jay’s best stuff was on there.
>Jay said “Agreed. More so, I know what could’ve been so
>it haunts me. Streets is Watching was the first song
>The hell does any of that have to do with Nas new albums?