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13451941, lol wtf
Posted by Brew, Mon Jan-17-22 10:49 AM
"Didn't Jay tweet today ?" didn't a trillion other celebrities also tweet today ?

>Something in response to Questlove about one of his albums or
>single releases? He definitely still wants to be seen as THAT
>guy, and wants to still be in the conversation.
>These Nas releases are eating him up imho.

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL eating him up ?! Where did you come up with that bombshell ? You his therapist ?

Jay dropped an excellent, critically acclaimed album just 5 years ago that people still talk about. I think it'd take a lot more than his rival from 2 decades ago dropping a couple average-to-good albums to "eat him up" but call me crazy. I don't know either way but neither do you.

This post just made my morning haha thanks for the laughs.