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Topic subjectNo that's not what it means
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13451907, No that's not what it means
Posted by Heinz, Sun Jan-16-22 04:44 PM
I do think Hov does it on purpose. I think he still has it in him to be THE GUY on top. I do think he is in friendly competition with Nas even after making up. It's not like they are BFF's after that. Dude was still fucking his baby moms behind his back and trolling him about it in songs LOL I think they can cool with eachother and laugh it up because they both rich as fuck and living lives neither of them thought they would ever live. Do I think Hov might be petty about it still? Sure. He's a guy into sports.

Anyways my point is that Hov knows that putting himself in the news can take the shine away from any other rapper or take significant shine away from them. And i think thats as far as he might think or want to accomplish. On some I'm still Hov shit.