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Topic subjectyeah it shows how asymmetric the competing information environments are.
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13451743, yeah it shows how asymmetric the competing information environments are.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Jan-13-22 08:32 PM
i was talking about myocarditis as an acute and long term consequence of covid back in *summer* 2020.

it was the reason that several medical panels for college sports conferences initially sought to cancel their seasons. but the condition was rarely mentioned in any sports coverage as the specific risk to athletes that required canceling games and nobody on the general cable news shows were bringing it up. so if you werent the type of person who actually went and researched this type of information from medical findings/professionals (like the overwhelming majority of the american public refuses to do) then you had no idea that any of this exists and had never heard of myocarditis.

there were actually a few college athletes who either died who or had to suspend their careers due to heart related episodes after testing positive for covid. but nobody made a big deal out of it and the college sports basically just bulldozed through the science/risks and put their cash cows back out on the field/court anyway.

meanwhile...antivaxxers saw myocarditis mentioned a few times as a proportionally/exceedingly rare risk to young people who get vaccinated...and now its a fucking household name to them lol.

these mfs will ignore data that shows 90+% this or 90%+ that when it comes to shit that supports stances that contradict their misinformed perspective. but these niggas got rare unicorn side effects among a miniscule segment of the population and obscure studies from a discredited doctor in india memorized as their trump card to prove theyre 'right' lol.