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Topic subjectlook how idiotic this joe rogan clip is.
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13451732, look how idiotic this joe rogan clip is.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Jan-13-22 06:06 PM
people trust this guy for medical info.


these people really think a vaccine is more likely to cause a heart condition than the virus that has had strains that WE KNOW have explicitly attacked the cardiovascular system (obviously including the heart).

zero common sense.

first the absolute arrogance when the guest counters his claims. then just the dismissal of entire sources of information once his claims are proven factually and statistically dead wrong.

the clip cuts off but you can tell hes starting to go the vaers system talking point. its popular among the right. its an open comment system where literally anyone can post anything about their vaccine experience. so of course it can be flooded with a bunch of spam/misinformation and just generally clueless/uninformed people giving their experiences/conditions that they attribute to the vaccine.

facts dont exist for these people. whenever they find something that confirms their already existing bias on an issue...they just adopt it and regurgitate it with zero scrutiny. but then when they get a glimpse of reality that contradicts their false perspective...well then we gotta question the entire process of scientific hypothesis and fact gathering lol.