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Topic subjectdo you understand how a virus works?
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13451717, do you understand how a virus works?
Posted by Stadiq, Thu Jan-13-22 03:38 PM
>Letting healthy people continue to live normal life is not
>Focusing on the immuno-compromised and elderly and providing
>the CORRECT treatments *hint hint, not vaccines* is not

It absolutely its heartless bullshit to say "only groups xyz should worry, I'mm going to do me" when doing you can spread the virus to those groups.

How is this hard to get?

Sure, there should ALSO be more focus on treatments, testing, etc.

But to shrug off a very large group of people to push your narrative is ...as I said...some right wing bullshit.

And it also ignores the impact to the healthcare system.

So if we go with YOUR plan...and let everyone live their lives while we find treatments (LOL at you trusting pharma with treatments, but not vaccines btw...hellofa step)

Meanwhile old and high risk people die and fill up the hospitals.

How can you not see that writing off entire groups of people isn't completely fucked up?

So essentially...your plan is he current one minus vaccines...how is that better?


Why do the high risk not matter? Old people?


>What I don't understand is all this talk about follow the
>science, Fuaci is GOD, they did nothing wrong / there's no
>smoking gun, collusion etc...

WTF are you talking about? I never said anyting about Fauci. Honestly, I think it would be best at this point to replace him for a variety of reasons.

I'm talking about an entire community of doctors, scientists, etc who are recommending the vax.

You get mad when others ignore a few loud contrarians, but why are you allowed to ignore the vast majority of experts??

Collusion? I'm not even going to entertain weirdo 4chan conspiracy bullshit.

The facts are there is a very dangerous/deadly virus currently circulating.

Yes it is far more dangerous to certain groups.

But those groups MATTER.

Right now an important step everyone can take to help is get vaccinated.

I'm not saying thats it. It isnt. And fuck anyone who says that it is.

But also, fuck anyone who is putting their own selfish fears of a safe vaccine over the common good.

>But we have the highest death count in the world. Per capita
>too. The richest nation in the world, with coffers full of
>medicines and vaccines and ventilators and doctors and experts
>and all the infrastructure you can want....and we are THE
>WORST. The only ones at our level are the Europeans with the
>same infrastructure and $$$

Yeah. The entire system is fucked, I agree with you.

But one of the reasons our levels are where they are is people like you who refuse to do something that could help.

Not the only reason. Honestly at this point, I wouldn't even say the biggest reason because the current administration is a fucking failure on the pandemic.

But a big reason.

>All these 3rd world countries with no ventilators, no
>hospitals, no resources - just some HCQ, IVM, people maskless
>living life and soaking up the sun - somehow all doing better.
> Across the world.

Wait, what? Please get off whatever websites you are getting your info from.

One thing our infrastructure allows for is testing, data, etc. You get that right?

You also get that climates/societies that allow for more outdoor (open air living will do better, yeah?

I could cherry pick countries with high vaccination rates and very strict lockdown measures that are also doing better.

You get that too right?

>And then you say this is eugenics? YOUR PROGRAM IS THE ONE


The response could be much much better. And our society could be much less selfish.

Here we are.

>Nobody here has answered why REMDESIVIR IS THE ONLY TREATMENT

I agree there should be a lot more treatment development, availability, etc. Go have that argument eslewhere.

It does not excuse you from not being vaxxed (with no consequence) tho

>Nobody here is answering any of the PFIZER CLINICAL TRIALS
>STILL??? CT said he responded but didn't...

Clinical trials? My man, look at real life. Take a step back. Think of the number of people who got this thing and the worst they had was feeling like shit for a day.

Cmon man.

>Ya'll keep spouting its safe but nobody has answered the
>VAERS, Canada, UK, EU, Israel, and Pfizer DEATH AND INJURY

You know VAERS is self-reported, yeah? Not verified?

Also, do you want to talk COVID numbers, or nah?

You want treatments...do you think the treatments might have some adverse reactions?

Like I said above, it could be a day where you get presented with a situation where you have to put faith in your dr/the medical community.

Maybe even a new drug.

So take your privileged bullshit elsewhere.

>OK, sorry, bad article. But eugenics? Cmon. Your program is
>the worst in the world, and you cant keep blaming rednecks.
>Florida doing 10x better than NY, go figure.

It isn't my program. Mine would be vaccines + much more outreach/education on vaccines + more lockdowns + masking + more treatment development/capacity + increased healthcare capactiy + more consequences for anti-vaxxers + ...I could go on.

The "fascists" you replied to are simply saying you should have consequences for your action

Choose to be a selfish, science-denying, privileged asshole....maybe you should pay higher insurance fees and not be able to fly.

If the vaxx really is the mark of the beast...those should be small prices to pay.

So yeah I blame rednecks. I blame large brained conspiracy theorists. Selfish assholes who think the healthy should be able to live their lives like they couldn't literally kill people doing so.

And I blame the CDC. And I blame the admin.

Shit isn't just black and white.

You ignored a bunch of shit too, like long COVID in otherwise healthy people.

But yeah...everyone saying "let us healthy people get it poppin" is essentially saying large groups of people do not matter and it is worth them dying so I can go back to normal may as well be calling for eugenics.