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Topic subjectEugenics?? How Sway?
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13451711, Eugenics?? How Sway?
Posted by The Mac, Thu Jan-13-22 03:09 PM
Letting healthy people continue to live normal life is not eugenics.

Focusing on the immuno-compromised and elderly and providing the CORRECT treatments *hint hint, not vaccines* is not eugenics.

What I don't understand is all this talk about follow the science, Fuaci is GOD, they did nothing wrong / there's no smoking gun, collusion etc...

But we have the highest death count in the world. Per capita too. The richest nation in the world, with coffers full of medicines and vaccines and ventilators and doctors and experts and all the infrastructure you can want....and we are THE WORST. The only ones at our level are the Europeans with the same infrastructure and $$$

All these 3rd world countries with no ventilators, no hospitals, no resources - just some HCQ, IVM, people maskless living life and soaking up the sun - somehow all doing better. Across the world.

And then you say this is eugenics? YOUR PROGRAM IS THE ONE DOING THE MOST KILLING.

Nobody here has answered why REMDESIVIR IS THE ONLY TREATMENT STILL??

Nobody here is answering any of the PFIZER CLINICAL TRIALS STILL??? CT said he responded but didn't...

Ya'll keep spouting its safe but nobody has answered the VAERS, Canada, UK, EU, Israel, and Pfizer DEATH AND INJURY NUMBERS?

OK, sorry, bad article. But eugenics? Cmon. Your program is the worst in the world, and you cant keep blaming rednecks. Florida doing 10x better than NY, go figure.