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Topic subjectyou just called for eugenics while calling people fascist
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13451704, you just called for eugenics while calling people fascist
Posted by Stadiq, Thu Jan-13-22 01:13 PM

"You insisted on ignoring the fact that the disease is dozens of times more dangerous for risk groups and older adults"

Lets put aside the fact that you posted ONE PERSON's unhinged open letter as some kind of gotcha.

What are you saying here by cosigning this bullshit??

"it only impacts high risk people" is some heartless right wing bullshit.

Why do those people not matter??

Have you thought out the impact that this has on people who are not at risk?? Hospitals full of old people and disposable immunocompromised people...do you think that won't impact others?

This letter referenced alleged psychological toll on kids...any idea what the toll would be on a kid who brought home a virus that ended up killing a loved one? Any thoughts on the emotional impact of that?

Any thoughts on long COVID, or "mild" things like my perfectly healthy friend who STILL CANT TASTE OR SMELL a year later??

On one hand, you have pro-vaxxers who are advocating for more consequences for those of you who still refuse to get a perfectly safe vaccine. Higher insurance rates, etc. Consequences for your choice that you are free to make.

On the other hand, you posted a letter that seems to be calling for a bunch more people to die so that perfectly healthy people are not inconvenienced, and for kids to not miss a few weeks of school.

Which one of those sounds more "fascist"?

Look, anyone saying the vaccine is the only answer/enough of an answer is being willfully ignorant and playing team politics. Focusing only on the vaccine has been a complete fucking failure on the part of this administration.

But yall large brained people who think you've figured something out that countless scientists, doctors, etc haven't fucking kill me.

You had to get any number of vaccines to go to school. To travel to other countries. To join the military. On and on.

And to say "I don't want to get it its too new" is some selfish, health-privileged bullshit.

As someone with a chronic illness that makes me high risk for COVID (so, disposable to many people including you apparently) let me tell you a secret- there could very well be a time in your life where you have to put faith in the medical community because you are out of choices.

The difference is to not do it this time also puts others at increased risk.

I guess my point is-

1. Don't confuse a letter you agree with as some kind of evidence for shit.

2. Don't go around calling people fascist while you post a letter calling for eugenics.

3. The vaccine is clearly not the only answer and claiming so has been catastrophic. But it does help. So people should get it or face consequences of their choice.