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Topic subjectSigh. Steve Hasker is the current CEO Of Reuters.
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13451343, Sigh. Steve Hasker is the current CEO Of Reuters.
Posted by Cold Truth, Fri Jan-07-22 07:53 PM
Whats funny is, I carelessly linked the Pfizer page instead of the Reuters page.

Of course, included the reuters link below it, but that was clearly a mistake on my part.

Yet, you’re still wrong. He isn't the CEO of Reuters. Steve Haskers is.

Hate to break it to you, but that Bloomberg link clearly lists him as the former CEO.

You know, like i said.

Sure, you went back and edited, but, as you said... you can't be serious😂

You're still here with your chest out, as though your previous post didn't read:

“ direct quote, 2nd paragraph from the link shared FROM PFIZER.COM”

No, this isn't pedantic. You got excited because you thought you had a smoking gun, and didn't bother to check the make and model before you submitted it as evidence of some unknown nefarious crime that you cannot seem to articulate, let alone prove.

Also, i never disputed that he was on the Pfizer board, and I told you he was on the board of their charitable foundation, not the other way around, so i have no idea whh you're acting like you made a point with those.

Also, you made a claim of collusion.

I asked for evidence that this relationship has impacted Reuters’ fact checking of Pfizer. It doesn't seem like you have any.

So we can conclude that you made an empty assertion with no actual supporting evidence.

Not that it’s surprising that you'd be so incredulous at the idea that you'd actually be pressed to prove your assertions, but damn... not even a pretense that you care about whether or not what you’re saying is actually true? Yikes.