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Topic subjectBruh you cant be serious
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13451336, Bruh you cant be serious
Posted by kayru99, Fri Jan-07-22 06:32 PM
I said he's on the board of directors at Pfizer, and CEO at Thompson-Rueters.

He CLEARLY IS on Pfizers Board:

As seen on this link, on Pfizers site to the Current Board of Directors:


AND on the Bloomberg that YOU shared:

And you're right, he's a former CEO of T/R...But current Chairman of the Board of the T/R Foundation...which is actually a *promotion* from CEO.

you're being a pedantic asshole.

And wrong.

And how you gonna link to page about how that's blatantly unethical and then ask me to prove collusion.

That's not a conflict of interest to you for the chairman of the board/former CEO of thompson-reuters to sit on the board of Pfizer, when Thompson-Reuters runs the fact checking portal on Pfizers vaxx product?