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Topic subjectyeah, that's bullshit too lmao. But carry on with the canned retorts
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13451324, yeah, that's bullshit too lmao. But carry on with the canned retorts
Posted by Cold Truth, Fri Jan-07-22 03:34 PM
That's easier than actually evaluating the words that are spoken/written to you.

>maybe it hasn't occurred to you that you're not the arbiter of
>what people can or can't say/think?

You have a lot of generic deflections, that never address anything that's actually being said.

It has nothing to do with me being the arbiter of anything.

It has everything to do with how productive conversations occur.

Active listening is a prerequisite- something you didn't do in here.

Calling you out on that has nothing to being an arbiter.

You're more interested in
>flexing on people than sharing anything meaningful - on a
>message board. Lame AF.

Fundamentally incorrect. There's a time and a place for both, and I'd argue that one of the two people I'm engaging with on the antivax side disagrees with you completely- because I fully engage in a two-way discussion.

You engage an awful lot like, well.... an antivaxxer. Deflections, diversions, etc.

Even now, your big gotcha was some weak ass "aha, you said shut up! you lost!" bullshit. You have no actual discourse to offer beyond the empty preaching that you absolutely do not practice.

What happened here is, you feigned the high ground but VERY quickly showcased that you're absolutely not about that shit, the second someone stopped putting up with your disingenuousness.