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Topic subjectJesus christ. FORMER CEO. Not the ceo. The former ceo.
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13451311, Jesus christ. FORMER CEO. Not the ceo. The former ceo.
Posted by Cold Truth, Fri Jan-07-22 02:32 PM
>It's even worse that what you shared, lol
>Pfizer just elected the CEO of Thompson Reuters to it's Board
>of Directors:

Former. Key word there. Critical, actually.
He’s currently chairman of the board of trustees, of the thompson reuters chiaritable foundation.

You rant a lot below about this, yet you said nothjng at all that remotely makes a case for “collusion”.

So what evidence do you have to support the collusion claim, specifically the ways in which that collusion has impacted Reuters COVID information?

>In a sane, non-corporate hellscape of a society, this would be
>grounds for censure/investigation/govt oversight...here
>Honestly man, debating with diehard liberal vaxxers is
>It's simply not about public health for these cats.
>it's about a superiority complex.
>One could very easily be vaccinated and boosted and see that
>that combo...ain't a long term solution.
>There's way too many objective problems with the "just get the
>vaxxx!!!!" idea, even if you remove the adverse effects of the
>vaxx, Pfizer's sketchiness, etc...
>The vaxx doesn't sterilize the disease, so it's going to
>and you simply can not inject people with an unknown chemical
>compound for each new mutation, in perpetuity.
>AND the pfizer product wears off after about 6 months.
>You can't inject an unknown chemical compound every 6 months
>into a large population, in perpetuity.
>NO ONE knows the long term side effects
>There appears to be some crossover point where certain
>co-morbidities overwhelm the protections supposedly offered by
>Pfizer's product.
>So solutions beyond the Pfizer product objectively MUST
>They simply *have* to be developed.
>Thankfully, the global scientific community don't get their
>"science" from MSNBC, lol