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Topic subjectBlah, blah, blah. Go be a youth pastor somewhere
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13451306, Blah, blah, blah. Go be a youth pastor somewhere
Posted by Cold Truth, Fri Jan-07-22 02:15 PM
Your “do as I say/never mind that I'm not doing it myself” schtick might work there

If you were really about that cumbaya approach, YOU’D BE FUCKING DOING IT.

Work that magic with Kayru and Max and get back to me.

Show us the way or shut the fuck up with your bullshit chastisement, because you're not doing any of the shit you're talking about.

You're demonstrably disingenuous and nothing you've done in here has accomplished any of the things you're talking about.

Also, This isn't the first time me and Mac have had it out on this subject. It's impassioned on both ends and i hate to burst your bubble here, but he's fucking thanked me for my approach with him each time.

And when he has me on a point, i acknowledge it. I.e, the additional Pfizer trial data above. You dont do that shit, but I do.

Why? Because active listening. I give him the respect of directly addressing the things he's saying. Whether or not i convince him doesn't mean it isn't a fruitful discussion.

Moreover, for everytime a self righteous prick like you tries to yell me how i should or shouldnt approach something, someone else tells me the exact opposite. And in this case is no different.

You're trying to build a bridge in one direction, while it's nothing but deaf ears on the other side- which demonstrates that you have no interest in building actual bridges. Hell, you refuse to directly address anything that I’ve said to you.

You’ve got blinders on don't even know it, and you've proven yourself less worth talking to about this than the antivax heads.

You can proceed with your usual smug, self righteous, milquetoast bullshit reply that wont directly address anything I say, while pretending you have the right toolset to build bridges. Im off this train with you.