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Topic subjectre: Rueters Fact Check and collusion
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13451304, re: Rueters Fact Check and collusion
Posted by kayru99, Fri Jan-07-22 02:07 PM
It's even worse that what you shared, lol

Pfizer just elected the CEO of Thompson Reuters to it's Board of Directors:


In a sane, non-corporate hellscape of a society, this would be grounds for censure/investigation/govt oversight...here though?

Honestly man, debating with diehard liberal vaxxers is pointless.

It's simply not about public health for these cats.
it's about a superiority complex.

One could very easily be vaccinated and boosted and see that that combo...ain't a long term solution.

There's way too many objective problems with the "just get the vaxxx!!!!" idea, even if you remove the adverse effects of the vaxx, Pfizer's sketchiness, etc...

The vaxx doesn't sterilize the disease, so it's going to mutate.
and you simply can not inject people with an unknown chemical compound for each new mutation, in perpetuity.

AND the pfizer product wears off after about 6 months.

You can't inject an unknown chemical compound every 6 months into a large population, in perpetuity.

NO ONE knows the long term side effects

There appears to be some crossover point where certain co-morbidities overwhelm the protections supposedly offered by Pfizer's product.

So solutions beyond the Pfizer product objectively MUST happen.

They simply *have* to be developed.

Thankfully, the global scientific community don't get their "science" from MSNBC, lol