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Topic subjectSo you think your line of thinking achieves more vaccination?
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13451296, So you think your line of thinking achieves more vaccination?
Posted by Vex_id, Fri Jan-07-22 12:50 PM
If you want to just critique all day long and lambast anti-vaxxers - that's cool - do you. But does it achieve the purported goal of protecting the population and achieving higher vaccination rates? No.

It's simply human nature to want to dig your heels in the sand when somebody is telling you that you *must* do something, instead of appealing to your humanity to persuade you to consider something (which is what Japan is doing and is being wildly successful at).

So if you just want to blast off and vent, enjoy. But don't pretend like you're contributing to a safer public health environment and/or achieving more vaccination. That rah-rah ain't convincing anyone to change their mind. You first have to display a respect for someone's personal agency in making the decision.

Note: I'm not talking about the rabid anti-vaxxers here. Their minds won't be changed regardless - but the approach you're using is turning off otherwise reasonable minds who - believe it or not - are still on the fence and observing how these vaccines are performing. Some of them may yet still decide to take the more efficacious vaccines - but probably not if they feel like you're not respecting their autonomy to make that decision and throwing them all in the lunatic box.