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Topic subjectRE: I respect where your're coming from but, i just don't know the answer
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13451295, RE: I respect where your're coming from but, i just don't know the answer
Posted by Vex_id, Fri Jan-07-22 12:46 PM
>..as CT pointed out earlier, the commentary is always skewed
>towards why can't the vaccinated people be more empathetic
>towards the people who chose not to be vaccinated.

If that's the emphasis of my commentary in here it's only because of the direction of the conversation (and the OP) -- but I hear you. There's also of course an egregious lack of empathy of those who have no regard for spreading Covid, and also to those who project unwellness on the vaccinated (I see this a lot) - projecting that they are going to have auto-immune diseases - or even worse - surmising that their DNA has been permanently altered from taking these vaccines. Not only is this hyper fear-mongering (which incidentally is what a lot of anti-vaxxers accuse others of) - but it's not even remotely evidence-based.

But I think this lack of empathy is contagious (no pun intended). When somebody feels their humanity and/or personal autonomy is being violated, they are likely to lash right back out - which is why I think if the goal is to get more people vaccinated, the last thing you want to do is chastise, condemn, and wish ill upon the unvaccinated -- which will only result in more resistance and refusal to find commonality in public health goals.

>but even with that, the body count of this pandemic isn't a
>result of liberals being mean. If there's anything that makes
>me feel bad for much of the unvaxxed population is that
>they're fooled by (again...overwhelmingly vaccinated/boosted)
>pundits and politicians egging them that this is some kind of
>freedom fight, and many are giving their lives and orphaning
>their kids for nothing.

Agreed. It is ironic that many of the authorities/pundits cited to bolster anti-vaccine claims are from those who have in fact taken the vaccine - as you point out. Fox News literally has a vaccine policy that they enforce as their pundits are railing on against those exact policies.