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Topic subject^^^Thinks Miyagi Do is the only way
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13451253, ^^^Thinks Miyagi Do is the only way
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Jan-06-22 05:43 PM
>and because of how effective the vaccines are at preventing
>severe outcomes/death - they (the unvaccinated) are carrying
>the brunt and burden of their decisions in the event they
>don't fare well with Covid. So I simply don't feel a need to
>further condemn.

The fact that they're bearing the brunt of the consequences of their ignorance- let's just call it what is- doesn't matter in the least.

If it ONLY impacted them and had no impact on those around them, then yes, you'd have an excellent point.

But they do not exist in a vacuum.

They impact everyone from the healthcare system itself, to other, non-COVID related patients who are experiencing the strain caused by the AV folks, to frontline workers of ALL stripes- from cashiers to uber drivers to youfuckingnameit.

But there's so much more. Their loved ones, for example. Schools. Workplaces. All this shit is impacted, regardless of whether their getting the worst of it in terms of the actual, physical consequences.

There are plenty of good, reasonable, malice and judgment free reasons to condemn a hell of a lot more.

>And again (as I stated by pointing to how Japan is handling
>this) - I think it comes down to strategy. I don't think our
>current hyper censorship, "you're dead to me if you don't get
>the vaccine" mentality actually helps us secure a more stable
>society/public health environment.

As I said- put your money where your mouth is.

Why aren't your posts in here showing all the compassion and understanding approach to giving them the good science?

Instead, you're taking aim at the pro-vax, "fuck it, fuck em" crowd.

>It creates anti-vaxx
>warriors left and right.

This argument does not hold. We are *reacting*to the warriors that already existed. We're not creating them.

We're not further radicalizing them.
We're not doing any of that.

But again- you can show us the error in our way by walking the walk and demonstrating the apparent magic in yours.

But you're not doing that.
>We are in a general environment
>where people are becoming radicalized en masse - and part of
>it is because we are rebuking someone like Robert Malone,
>banning him from Twitter, and making him a martyr to where
>he's far more influential than he otherwise would be.


Reacting to the thing that already existed isn't the creation of that thing- because, again, it already existed.

>Why not
>simply have him on legacy media to welcome
>heterodox/mainstream debate to expose erroneous views instead
>of creating echo chambers (that exist both in legacy media and
>alt media)?

Because you don't give that shit a platform, that's why.
And again- why are you doing most of your work with us, instead of proving your hypothesis with the kayru and The Mac?

Show us the way, Vex.

>It's a different conversation to have -- but I don't think the
>answer to combat misinformation is to marginalize, censor,
>drive underground and take away rights/jobs- unless of course
>we want to fuel further radicalization.

Cool. What's the solution then?

because those things you mentioned are reactions to the radicalization that already exists. They're already radicalized. "further" radicalization doesn't really amount to much.

Strip this shit down to bare bones:

-They already believe what they believe.

-They already cherry pick facts and data, often ignoring contextual elements that dramatically reframe said facts.

i.e, the whole "vaccines aren't stopping transmission" thing.

Sure, it's true. Sure, it's a fact.

But ignores other, tangential facts, in order to bolster the absolute lie that getting vaccinated doesn't help anyone- a falsehood that is exposed by those tangential facts.

But believing that lie "more", doesn't really amount to much more. They still believe what they already believed.

An it's high fucking time we stop making making it the fault of the reaction to the thing that already exists, an start dealing with the thing that already exists.

So, again, since you say this is all about that strategy, stop trying to chastise those of us who've thrown up our hands.

Stop trying to chastise the strategies deployed to combat this lunacy.

Start employing your proposed Miyagi-Do strategy. Show us the way.

You haven't really done that in here.