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Topic subjectYep exactly.
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13451251, Yep exactly.
Posted by Brew, Thu Jan-06-22 05:10 PM
I was about to respond to your point about throwing up your hands being non-productive but then you covered it lol. We try being productive, look at this fucking post ! CT is going point by point, with endless evidence, but no matter how thoroughly peer-reviewed and evidence-based, willfully (or maybe not) ignorant folks like The Mac will just continue beating the drum of misinformation, even repeating things that CT and others just *directly* refuted.

It's mindblowing.

>..as CT pointed out earlier, the commentary is always skewed
>towards why can't the vaccinated people be more empathetic
>towards the people who chose not to be vaccinated. But it
>seems they want to be both the aggressors and victims at the
>same time. From the passive "i have my reasons/its my body"
>person to the one aggressively spreading misinformation, to
>the person spitting on the walmart clerk for asking them to
>wear a mask. they're the ones actively making everything worse
>for not only themselves but everyone else, for reasons
>articulated ad-nauseum throughout this post.
>I'm pretty uncomfortable with the whole deplatofming/censoring
>thing even though i understand it... and yeah, I think
>liberals laughing at unvaxxed people dying (i've seen it alot
>too) is shitbird behavior, but throwing your hands up, or the
>exhausted 'fuck it, die then' is perfectly human reaction at
>this juncture. even if it's not exactly productive
>but even with that, the body count of this pandemic isn't a
>result of liberals being mean. If there's anything that makes
>me feel bad for much of the unvaxxed population is that
>they're fooled by (again...overwhelmingly vaccinated/boosted)
>pundits and politicians egging them that this is some kind of
>freedom fight, and many are giving their lives and orphaning
>their kids for nothing.
>it reminds me of the exhaustive narrative of pointing out half
>the country voted for Trump so it's on the people who didn't
>vote for him need to be more understanding and empathetic
>towards them. and that would be great if it actually went both
>ways. If/when repubs win big in 22/24 your're not gonna see
>Tucker Carlson/Fox/Ted Cruz, the national review or even Rogan
>or Tulsi Gabbard saying, hey we need to realize half he
>country voted against this. It's 100% gonna be suck it
>liberals, no one likes you.
>i'm all for civility in a general sense but i can skim even
>this post and throw my hands up and say, yeah nevermind on
>just that alone lol.