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Topic subjectthis is a distraction and sexy story for the news media here
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13451248, this is a distraction and sexy story for the news media here
Posted by dgonsh, Thu Jan-06-22 04:51 PM
they are absolutely idiots and should 100% be fined for anything illegal they did, but this story is such garbage. they bought out the whole plane. this wasnt 2 drunk idiots on a commerical flight filled with families and kids. if it was a private jet filled with celebs, we'd all say "rich pricks" and move on.

again, if they broke the law, punish them. but this has been ALL OVER cp24 (24 hour news channel in toronto) and social media so people can look at the flashy story of young, beautiful idiots behaving badly on a plane and say "how awful! i cancelled christmas with my kids so they could do this!". they were allowed to travel. that's on them.

why focus on sad stories of sick people having their tests and surgeries cancelled so (predominantly) willfully unvaxxed fucks can fill the hospitals