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Topic subjectdying of anything other than covid cause unvaxxed have all the beds
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13451245, dying of anything other than covid cause unvaxxed have all the beds
Posted by dgonsh, Thu Jan-06-22 04:45 PM
that is unacceptable to me.

i do not want anyone to die of covid, but i have zero patience for people with other illnesses having their surgeries and treatments cancelled to save space for overwhelmingly unvaccinated covid patients in our hospitals.

i promise the unvaccinated will get vaxxed if the mandates make it inconvenient for them. i have all the patience in the world for people from underserved or targeted communities have distrust of government handling vaccinations. if they've held off, fine, no time like the present!

the staunchly "i will die before you give me the vaccine" are rarer than we think. most unvaccinated will get it when they are totally ostracized from their communities or workplaces. i know a small segment will be stubborn, but most wont when push comes to shove.

the line in the sand should have been drawn 9 months ago.