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Topic subjectI just don't regard the unvaccinated as being complicit in murder
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13451240, I just don't regard the unvaccinated as being complicit in murder
Posted by Vex_id, Thu Jan-06-22 04:24 PM
and because of how effective the vaccines are at preventing severe outcomes/death - they (the unvaccinated) are carrying the brunt and burden of their decisions in the event they don't fare well with Covid. So I simply don't feel a need to further condemn.

And again (as I stated by pointing to how Japan is handling this) - I think it comes down to strategy. I don't think our current hyper censorship, "you're dead to me if you don't get the vaccine" mentality actually helps us secure a more stable society/public health environment. It creates anti-vaxx warriors left and right. We are in a general environment where people are becoming radicalized en masse - and part of it is because we are rebuking someone like Robert Malone, banning him from Twitter, and making him a martyr to where he's far more influential than he otherwise would be. Why not simply have him on legacy media to welcome heterodox/mainstream debate to expose erroneous views instead of creating echo chambers (that exist both in legacy media and alt media)?

It's a different conversation to have -- but I don't think the answer to combat misinformation is to marginalize, censor, drive underground and take away rights/jobs - unless of course we want to fuel further radicalization.