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Topic subjectit reminds me of peak okayactivist
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13451233, it reminds me of peak okayactivist
Posted by Mynoriti, Thu Jan-06-22 04:11 PM
people trying to reason with 9/11 truthers

they just drown you in links and point to the countless engineers and demolition experts, and point to all shady shit our government has done these past decades/centuries.. You can chase down and debunk all that shit but it's not gonna matter. None of them ever gave up an inch on what they believed no matter what you lay out there. They'll just accuse you of that.

except this is worse because covid literally has affected everyone on earth, so naturally you're gonna find hundreds (THOUSANDS!) of rogue doctors or epidemiologists to push up against the grain...but relatively it's a tiny percentage.. and half the time when you look in to them, they're not even who they say they are.
ICUs all over the country all tell the same story but that doesn't matter to them either. They'll find an ICU doctor/nurse on youtube to prove it's all made up
"Oh did you hear about the indonesia study on ivermectin.. well if you don't know that".. you chase it down, find out its bs, they either ignore it, side step, throw more links at you, etc..

throw in social media, or general social climate/divisions/culture wars etc.. it's ripe for all this stupid shit