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Topic subject... and here comes the diversion, right on cue
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13451230, ... and here comes the diversion, right on cue
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Jan-06-22 03:55 PM
No, I'm not. You, however, are proving *again* that you still have a backward understand of how vaccines work to inoculate a *population* from a virus.

You see vaccines as an all or nothing brick wall proposition, despite the fact that they aren't even presented as such.

>I dont give a shit if they are mRNA or J&J or whatever you
>wanna call them. They are linked to blood clots, myocarditis,
>and death.

You gave a huge, steaming shit above, in your LIES LIES LIES rant about the mRNA/blood clot connection.

>But ya, sure, the J&J is the blood clot one, my bad, I got it
>wrong. I won't take that one, let me take the heart
>inflammation one.

...and cue the dsimissal.

>And I just responded to your little fact check - you are way
>off. It's not 2 v 4 its like 20 v 14. Its in the PFIZER

Cool, I'll look into that.

Does the pfizer paperwork state that 20 people died from the vaccine?

Also, can you, you know, actually provide the source- you know, like I did? It's weird how you don't just provide the source for your assertions. If you actually gave half a fuck about any of this, you fucking WOULD. And it wouldn't be a problem.

But what you're ullustrated here, is that your goal IS to be the other, the alt, the dissenter- but more than that, your demonstrable goal here is to be persecuted.

You can link up credentials of a person, but not the hard data to support the actual claim itself?

And you have the nerve to sit here and talk about "the continued ad hominem attacks"?

And Vex has the audacity to chastise me/us for painting you as a caricature?

No wonder people hate Don't Look Up. It's too fucking real.