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Topic subjectRE: Your assertions: a lot Sources provided: Zero
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13451225, RE: Your assertions: a lot Sources provided: Zero
Posted by The Mac, Thu Jan-06-22 03:30 PM

>The only thing you actually cited was some credentials, which

Credentials because ya'll keep claiming that science is monolithic and all the experts are together when that is not true.

>Record fatalities? Source, please.



Canadian Joint

WHO joint

Theres tons of studies being done as well...


>it's not, and you're ignoring plenty of contextual reasons for
>why this is the case. i addressed this above, but of course,
>you ignored that :)
>You've proven time and again that, despite all the names and
>credentials and unsourced assertions you've made, you get
>fundamental facts contextually backward.

The only other point you made that has any worth is hospitalization. So if I just don't go to the hospital you'll be cool with me being unvaxxed?

>>Why were there more deaths in placebo group than vaxx group
>>Pfizer trial? How can such a product even get approved?
>>you even know that?
>>That's not a funny PDF or one doctor. Thats FROM PFIZERS
>>CLINICAL DATA REPORT. Also easy with 1 minute of Google.
>Here's 30 seconds of google for you:

Fact check?? LOL thats a study ?? Quick Google search shows Reuters factcheck is funded by Facebook, no conflict of interest here at at all. Reuters is also linked in 100s of ways to Bill Gates Foundation. C'mon , this is not science.



The fact check only looked at 1 of the trials, but there are more than 1! Deaths in Pfizer 15, Placebo 14. And in footnotes they held 2 more, one in each.

"15 participants in the BNT162b2 group and
14 in the placebo group died; during the openlabel period, 3 participants in the BNT162b2 group
and 2 in the original placebo group who received
BNT162b2 after unblinding died."

Heres a link AGAIN from hundreds of doctors in Canada with a DETAILED breakdown of why the Pfizer trials were a joke. Read it and tell me where they are wrong.


THOSE ARE ACTUAL SOURCES. Not some bullshit political fact check.

Also, I apologize for not responding directly to your earlier posts, a lot of my responses end up just being to a later post. I saw your responses and I always appreciate your balanced convos. Thank you for being one of the few to respond sincerely and attempting a balanced discourse and providing some data and sources.

Hopefully some of this is sourced enough for your liking. Also my previous post to somebody else has more sources as well.