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Topic subjectAt least you tried, thank you
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13451215, At least you tried, thank you
Posted by The Mac, Thu Jan-06-22 02:53 PM
Although the continued ad hominem attacks prove my main point, I'll at least acknowledge an attempt at replying with some science. Even though he's on TikTok, I appreciate the FIRST response in here with an ATTEMPT at using data.

As a general response, I never said Malone and McCullough are correct about everything they say. I said they have solid credentials. I believe their voices are important, at least to have a back and forth and come to a balanced, reasonable solution.

It's easy to nitpick these guys...I can make a million videos about Fauci just the same way.

Also no response to the groups that consist of HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of doctors/nurses/virologists/epidemiologists, etc, just a TikTok Doc nitpcking 2 guys...


Point by point...video by video, lets see...


I literally said exactly what he said. I said he IS ONE OF the guys, not THE GUY. So, didn't debunk anything, actually in agreement here.


No proven connection between mRNA and blood clots? LOL why have they been removed from Finland Norway Sweden etc? Literally because they cause blood clots. C'mon, you talk misinformation? This is A LIE and a half...



The other point he is making is not a point I made...and it's not even a strong point. The spike protein is worse in COVID than vaxx...OK, and? That's not proof that Malone is wrong that the vaxx is not safe. Comparing a natural infection to a MANDATED product is insane.


He literally debunked nothing here. Talks risk/benefit but provides no analysis...weak.


Funny, he says REMDESIVIR DOESNT WORK in this video, but that has been the only approved treatment in US before vaccines, heavily touted by FAUCI GOD. Why no mention of that?

And he says with INFLUENZA we DO HAVE EVIDENCE reducing symptoms...soo, not debunked?


THIS is pathetic. McCullough says he has 200+ trials, TikTok Doc counters "I got these 5."


Good luck with this guy.


Same argument in the one Malone vid on spike protein. So so far he MIGHT be right on AMOUNT or DANGER of spike protein in vaxx...which may be true, but still doesn't answer WHY SO MANY CASES OF CLOTS, MYOCARDITIS, and DEATH


Probably the only fair argument so far. An argument LITERALLY nobody in here has made. I have not seen a Holocaust reference on OKP this whole time. As mentioned in previous post, they say things we may not LIKE, but ya'll keep discussing politics and other shit, not the SCIENCE.


Not a lot of strong science here either.

After going through each video I honestly expected a bit better. Feel free to argue any of these points, or just call me an idiot again. Either way is OK.

Still waiting on an answer as to why there are thousands of experts that are in agreement AGAINST the narrative and are being censored and blackballed. Why aren't they part of science?

Also waiting on an explanation on deaths, blots, heart problems, etc related to vaccines? Still no answer there...

Also no answer on Pfizer clinical trials, I'm guessing ya'll are scared to touch that?

Again, thanks for trying though. TikTok Doc was overall interesting, but not super convincing.