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Posted by Brew, Thu Jan-06-22 02:52 PM
>You wrote a ranting, meandering diatribe, cited no actual
>sources, and you're talking about how nobody rebutted anything
>you said.
>The only thing you actually cited was some credentials, which
>>Can you imagine that maybe we are pro-ALL OTHER VACCINES,
>>wait and see on COVID vaxx? Maybe since it is causing record
>Record fatalities? Source, please.
>>Ya'll still haven't answered these questions. Ya'll never
>>answer with actual data. You just put folks in some weird
>>Q-Anon box, but like Kayru said up top, there are all types
>>folks and ya'll keep disregarding that.
>You're not special. You don't have to be Q to be wrong.
>Moreover, you said above that the only thing that matters is
>that the vaccine isn't stopping transmission.
>it's not, and you're ignoring plenty of contextual reasons for
>why this is the case. i addressed this above, but of course,
>you ignored that :)
>You've proven time and again that, despite all the names and
>credentials and unsourced assertions you've made, you get
>fundamental facts contextually backward.
>>Why were there more deaths in placebo group than vaxx group
>>Pfizer trial? How can such a product even get approved?
>>you even know that?
>>That's not a funny PDF or one doctor. Thats FROM PFIZERS
>>CLINICAL DATA REPORT. Also easy with 1 minute of Google.
>Here's 30 seconds of google for you:
>"Six participants did die during the 44,000 person Pfizer
>vaccine trial, two of whom were given the vaccine while the
>other four people received a placebo (here)."
>So you have it backward, because literally twice as many
>people died on the placebo.
>Here's more:
>"One of the vaccine recipients had a cardiac arrest 62 days
>after a second dose of the two-dose vaccination and died three
>days later. The other died from arteriosclerosis three days
>after a first dose of the vaccination. One of the placebo
>recipients died from myocardial infarction, another from
>haemorrhagic stroke and two others from unknown causes.
>The FDA briefings clarify that the deaths were not deemed to
>be related to the vaccine: “None of these deaths were
>assessed by the investigator as related to study
>intervention”. They explain: “All deaths represent events
>that occur in the general population of the age groups where
>they occurred, at a similar rate.”
>There's more, but you can read it yourself. Because I provided
>an actual source :)
>I'll be happy to address the rest of this later, when I have
>the time.
>But you're 0-1 after the very first thing I checked.