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Topic subjectEveryone is exhausted at this point of this pandemic.
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13451140, Everyone is exhausted at this point of this pandemic.
Posted by Vex_id, Wed Jan-05-22 02:30 PM
Nerves are on edge. Many of us know people who have personally been affected; some who have lost their lives. Many of us are carrying disproportionate amounts of stress coupled with uncertainty about the future, economic conditions, our own job safety, family cohesion, physical/mental health challenges, spiritual crises etc...

If I'm going out of my way to defend anything - it's each other. We've got to have each other's back -- regardless of vaccine status. It's so much harder going through this when we refuse to have reverence for each other; when we come across each other in public and glare as if we are viral threats -- rebuking any connection.

Yes - it's enraging to see how some people are reckless. I know too many people who are indifferent and in denial about the pandemic -- knowingly carrying this virus into spaces where it spreads rapidly (and unfortunately to elders and immunocompromised who don't fare well with it). This is malicious. I know people who gloat when an unvaccinated person dies. This is heartless. We are all better than this. I just don't think we solve it by adding to the fire and advocating for people to lose their rights/livelihoods - increasing tensions/stress and social unrest. (Note: I'm not referring to you here specifically; speaking of my general observations)

I hope you and yours are doing well and continue to thrive.