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Topic subjectNo, I didn't "attempt" to misconstrue anything.
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13451137, No, I didn't "attempt" to misconstrue anything.
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Jan-05-22 01:28 PM
>>>You replied by conflating multiple people's quotes into
>>>response as if "they" are all the same and from the same
>>>ideological camp. Not surprising this got derailed.
>>This is demonstrably false.
>>-I replied to his quote of kayrus post AND I FUCKING SAID
>>Several times, in fact, i referred to the quote and
>>it to “they” and “them”- acknowledging that i was
>>replying to the quote.
>You also included some rando quotes of mine in there (without
>adding the context I outlined) - so it was an attempt to

Wrong. I replied to the information within that post.

I'll say it again: you're blinded by your desire to take up for kayru and The Mac, and that is heavily influencing the way you respond to me.

>But I still stand by what I said: it's not helpful to try and
>just marginalize kayru, The Mac, or anyone else and lump them
>into a 'they' category.

I'm responding to THEM and the things THEY are saying.

The "you and yours" bit is addressing the objective effect that antivaxxers are having on this situation.

This is objective and is not at all saddling them with additional baggage beyond that.

They have their own individual ideas
>on this, and their ideas likely vary significantly

That's what I'm responding to.

The only person in this equation saddling anyone with baggage that isn't theirs, is you, in your replies to me, as with the strawmen I pointed out above.

>btw: I enjoyed the exchange. But we've exhausted the

I did, up until that last one. It genuinely pissed me off. To that end, I do appreciate your effort to still keep a reasonable discussion going even after I turned it up in terms of my tone.

But I think I've made several objectively true points in terms of your tact toward me, and I don't think I'm guilty of otherising them in the way you've said. I can back up a bit and say that, being charitable, it's probable that no malice was intended, but it became a frustrating point in the discussion nonetheless.

Time and again I addressed the specific things they've said, and whenever I touched on the broader points of what antivax sentiment does, it's been within the context of a response to their own statements.

My only dog in this particular fight is, all the empathy seems to be on the side of the antivaxers, with little to none on the side of those of us who are just plain exhausted with it. IMO, "if they die, they die", is exhaustion speaking. It's throwing up our hands and saying fuck it, not because we're sociopaths or want to otherise people, but because this shit is incredibly exhausting and frustrating to deal with.