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Topic subjectRE: 100% incorrect.
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13451135, RE: 100% incorrect.
Posted by Vex_id, Wed Jan-05-22 01:12 PM
>>You replied by conflating multiple people's quotes into
>>response as if "they" are all the same and from the same
>>ideological camp. Not surprising this got derailed.
>This is demonstrably false.
>-I replied to his quote of kayrus post AND I FUCKING SAID THIS
>Several times, in fact, i referred to the quote and attributed
>it to “they” and “them”- acknowledging that i was
>replying to the quote.

You also included some rando quotes of mine in there (without adding the context I outlined) - so it was an attempt to misconstrue.

But I still stand by what I said: it's not helpful to try and just marginalize kayru, The Mac, or anyone else and lump them into a 'they' category. They have their own individual ideas on this, and their ideas likely vary significantly - just as our ideas vary significantly.

btw: I enjoyed the exchange. But we've exhausted the discussion.