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Topic subjectA few things you are missing about Japan or Asia in general
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13451134, A few things you are missing about Japan or Asia in general
Posted by Heinz, Wed Jan-05-22 01:09 PM
- Asian countries are WAY more compliant to wear masks and take the vaccine. Wearing masks when you are sick is already imbedded into their culture for fear or getting others sick but also for pollution reasons
- The rich Asian countries were able to hit the 70%+ way faster than North American countries. The poorer economies were not able to simply due to supply. Rich countries hoarded supplies.
- Japan is 80% vaccinated, the rest aren't anti vaxxers they are kids. Japanese parents back the gov to vaccinate their kids.
- Japan looks like fucking Blade Runner. Let's stop trying to compare ourselves to them because they are light years ahead of us in almost everything.

They are a great model of what we SHOULD be like but as far as comparing ourselves to someone realistic is Australia. As culturally we are more similar and they really knocked it out of the park with their fight against Covid.